Other People/Info


Richard Grubb (Helenís Husband)

D.O.B. July 18, 1924 in Milwaukee, WI

8-20-53†††† 2033 S 16th, Milwaukee (His Mothers house)

8-23-53†††† 640 S 3rd St (Room)

Sister: Mrs Crivello or Cavello - 2412 S Logan St or Ave - Phone HU3-9406



Thelma Adaline Kubli (Helenís Mother)

AKA - Thelma Frantz

D.O.B. November 21, 1908

Thelmaís parents were Mabel Van Dyke and John Kubli from Monroe, WI

Thelma married Clyde Frantz on April 10, 1938 in Palmyra, MO.

Died at age of 34 on January 3, 1943 of Endocarditis with Secondary Anemia.

Thelma is buried in Mount Joy Cemetery in Atlanta, IL

Thelma was survived by her daughter Helen, her father John Kubli of Waukegan, IL, her sister Mrs. Arlene Arenas and brother Thomas Kubli, both of Milwaukee, WI and a brother, Robert of Sparta, WI.



Cora Woods (Helenís family friend and possibly foster mother)

8-11-53†††† Box 23, Atlanta, IL

Helen & Richard lived with Cora until 8-2-53, then moved to Milwaukee



Joseph & Arlene Arenas (Helenís Aunt and Uncle)

1413 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI



Mrs. Neal Johnson (Boarding family for baby Edmund during transition before adoption)

10-15-53†† Edmund moved into home. Johnsons already had 2 kids, both boys, ages 8 & 11


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