Was extremely cross-eyed as young child and had surgery around age 4 or 5.


Description in 1953: Short, Slender, Medium Blonde Hair, Piercing Blue Eyes, Large Lips & Small upturned nose.


It is mentioned that she had a friend, Miss Cull, who worked at St. Vincent De Paul in 1953/54.


Helenís mother Thelma died January 3, 1943. She lived in Atlanta, IL with a friend of her mothers, possibly her foster mother, Cora Woods when her mother could no longer care for her. Then she moved to Milwaukee to live with her maternal aunt. Her aunt is believed to have died around 1952/1953.


Known Names

Helen Roe Kubly

Helen Rae Kubly

Helen Kubli

Helen Grubb (Married Name)

Helen Frantz (Last name used, but may not have been legal name)



Important Dates

D.O.B. September 9, 1929 in Waukegan, Illinois


Married Richard Grubb, December 5, 1950 in Waukegan, Illinois (Justice of Peace)


Gave birth to boy, Edmund Herbert Grubb, May 7, 1953 at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Lincoln, Illinois


On August 12, 1953, mentioned wanting to file for divorce in Judge Frank Bevans court in Lincoln, IL. Helen knew Judge Bevans most of her life. He lived in Atlanta, IL. Helen indicated that she was seeking advice regarding divorce from her attorney, John Gehlebach, 427 1/2 Pulaski St, Lincoln, IL.


Annulment, August 16, 1961



Known Addresses

8-11-53†††† 640 S 3rd St

8-20-53†††† 935B S 4th St

8-20-53†††† 1225 Milwaukee Ave

8-23-53†††† 640 S 3rd St

1-19-54†††† 935B S 4th St (In Care of Donna Willman or Williams)




1952†††††††† Sperry Candy Company in Milwaukee, WI

†††††††† †††††††† (Had head injury, hair got stuck in machinery)

8-12-53†††† Jewett-Sherman Co

9-23-53†††† Cleaning on 74th & Fond Du Lac - Phone HI4-9984

1-26-54†††† Supreme Tool & Die Works

2-15-54†††† Erie Mfg. Co. - North 8th St


Unknown date: Leader Card Works


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