Thank you for visiting this website. We are looking for your help in locating Helen. Helen is the missing piece to our family tree. Please take a moment to browse the information contained in this website and reach out to us with any information you may have. All the information contained here has been verified to be accurate, so if something catches your attention, please contact us and let us know. Thank you for your help!

5/30/2018 - UPDATE - Our search for Helen began around 1998. We didn’t know much then, not even her name, but we searched when and where we could. 20 years later, we’re posting this update to let everyone know that we have officially confirmed that we have found our Helen. Meetings have taken place, family has been met and a future meet has been planned for more of the family. Please continue to check this website for more information that we are working on related to our search and how you can help others find who they may be looking for. We would like to thank all the amazing people that we’ve met and everyone who helped us along the way!


5/9/2018 - UPDATE - Some new information has been discovered that indicates Helen may still be alive and may be living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are currently working this very promising lead and will provide updates here as soon as we can confirm more information.


NOTE: Throughout the records we have, the last name of Kubly has been spelled as Kubli also. It is unclear which is the official spelling. These spelling discrepancies are excessive for several people in the files we’ve collected, so please reference the detail pages of this website for all possible spellings we’ve uncovered. Please also understand that there may be spellings of names that we haven’t uncovered yet, so please forward any possible tips with related spellings. Please also note that various locations throughout the files may list Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but could be anywhere within the Milwaukee area such as South Milwaukee, etc...


Our Helen was born, Helen Roe Kubli, September 9, 1929 in Waukegan, Illinois. She was of Irish, German and English decent. Helen completed grade school and vocational school until she was 16. Helen married Richard Grubb December 5, 1950 in Waukegan, Illinois. Richard Grubb was born July 18, 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was of German decent and was Catholic. We have been able to track Richard Grubb and some family of his.


Helen gave birth to a baby boy, Edmund Herbert Grubb, May 7, 1953 in Lincoln, Illinois at Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, which was in Logan County.


Helen’s parents were Edward and Thelma Kubly. Thelma was born November 21, 1908 in Madison, Wisconsin. Thelma remarried Clyde Frantz, April 10, 1938, in Palmyra, Missouri. At this time, Helen began using the last name Frantz, although it is suspected she had not legally changed her name. 1940 census records do show her reported with the last name of Frantz. Thelma Kubli Frantz died at the age of 34 on, January 3, 1943 in Atlanta, Illinois, and she was a Methodist. Thelma died from “Endocarditis” with “Secondary Anemia” Her funeral services were held at the Quiram funeral home on January 6, 1943 at 2pm, and was officiated by the Rev. D. J. Geach, pastor of the Methodist Church in Illinois. Thelma is buried in the Mount Joy cemetery in Atlanta, Illinois. At the time of Thelma’s death, her obituary lists her family as, Daughter Helen, Father John Kubli of Waukegan, Sister Arlene Arenas of Milwaukee, Brother Thomas Kubli of Milwaukee and a Brother Robert of Sparta, Wisconsin.


Shortly after her mothers death, Helen was being raised by and lived with, Mrs. Cora Woods in Atlanta, Illinois, address referenced as Box 23, Atlanta, Illinois. Throughout the records we have, Cora Woods has been described as a friend and also as a foster mother. It is believed she was a foster mother in an official capacity.


After Helen and Richard married, they lived in Waukegan, Illinois for about 2 weeks before coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they lived with Helen’s Aunt, Arlene Arenas and her husband Joseph Arenas at 1413 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee, WI.


Helen and Richard then moved to Chicago on August 18, 1952, but Richard left her the next day. Helen remained in Chicago for the next 5 months, then went back to live with Mrs. Cora Woods to await the birth of her child. After giving birth, Helen remained with Mrs. Cora Woods until August 2, 1953, when Helen moved with the baby, back to Milwaukee.


Throughout the time Helen and Richard were married, they also were known to spend time with a friend, Connie Hanley. Mr. Hanley has been referenced by several names throughout our records such as Connie and Conan.


Helen had indicated a desire to officially divorce Richard and marry Hanley. Her divorce plans involved filing the action in Judge Frank Bevans court in Lincoln, Illinois. Helen indicated that she knew Judge Bevans most of her life and that he lives in Atlanta, Illinois. A record of this potential marriage has not been obtained at this point.


June 28, 1955, Helen and Richard signed papers finalizing the release of Edmund to the adoption agency.


May 2014, the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families obtained a court order releasing the official adoption records.


Years of searching prior to the release of records, and now years after the release, we’ve come a long way, we’ve tracked down the burial site of Richard Grubb, as well as his other children, but we’re still missing Helen.


The last official record of Helen that we’ve come across, is an annulment on August 8, 1961, however, we do not have a copy of that document, only verification that it happened.


Throughout the hundreds of pages of records and information we have, it is reported that Richard Grubb and Connie Hanley have extensive criminal records and they were all very unstable in both work and living arrangements. It has been speculated that Helen re-married Connie and it is possible that she is still alive today. Regardless of the past or current arrangements of Helen, she’s a missing piece to our family tree puzzle. If she is still alive, we would like to connect with her, she has grandchildren and great grandchildren. We simply would like to meet her as she is a significant part of our past. If she is no longer living, we would like to know that as well. Perhaps she has other family that we could connect with. Any information, no matter what it is, would be greatly appreciated.


Please also note that we have hundreds of documents that reference various pieces of information that may or may not be contained within this website. If you have access to documents or records in any capacity, please contact us to discuss what you can offer. We are always looking for more documents, but we may already have something that you’re able to obtain and don’t wish for you to spend valuable time researching or obtaining a document we already have.


Thank you again for all your help!


- Helen’s Family